XOS – HMI Design

Over the past year or so, I have been working with XOS Trucks, redesigning their HMI design for their delivery fleet vehicles. When I first started, there was a rudimentary cluster design in place, but the UX thinking needed some refinements, and the exec’s weren’t overly excited about the visual design direction. Below is where the design was when I began working with XOS.

I essentially started from scratch on the cluster, both from a UX and UI perspective. Below are my first explorations on the updated cluster.

After seeing my original explorations, the exec’s decided to move forward with a variation on the concept with no speedometer gauge. Their main direction was that they wanted to place a large emphasis on the energy gauge, thinking that it would cause the delivery drivers to drive more efficiently, staying conscious of their energy consumption. Below is the chosen cluster design.

After completing the cluster design, I was then asked to design the Infotainment screen in the same style. The infotainment had not been approached yet, so I led the UX and UI direction of this portion of the project. Below are the first explorations of the Infotainment design.

The thought was to have a dynamic system that could have full screen or split view options. These are a few examples of those layouts.

After receiving feedback on the initial approach, we decided to stick to a layout that is always “split”, leaving the navigation app ever-present. The bottom bar was also refined after a few rounds of feedback from the team. Below are a few screens from the final Infotainment design.