Ford HMI

This is some conceptual design work that our company used to pitch Ford. We had a few different designers on the project as whole, but I created everything you see here…framework, design and motion.

We created a project brief that was meant to take Ford’s existing design language and bring it to it’s next evolution as we imagined it. We designed an HMI intended for a mid-sized, all-electric SUV.

This animation is how we imagined the experience of customizing your “home” screen. A simple and familiar process that gives the user real-time feedback as they make their choices on the supplemental screen below the pillar-to-pillar display.

Detailed view of the dashboard customization experience.

This is another cluster exploration that I came up with. Ford has embraced a 3D approach to their HMI for awhile now, so this is another interpretation of where it could be taken.

Here is some further detail of the designs I developed.