Yeezy Slide Previous Next The chunky, foam slide that began the chunky foam slide craze (okay, you can make an argument for Crocs, but…). I absolutely love my pair, so I decided to model them from scratch and sell them on Turbosquid.

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Native Instruments is another audio company that I absolutely love. For me, they are irreplaceable. When they revamped their line of products a few years ago, I couldn’t help but visualize it in 3D. Modeled and textured from scratch in C4D / Octane.

jo’el Album Art

Previous Next In addition to being an HMI / UI / 3D artist, I am also a musical artist. This is the album artwork I created for some of my favorite music I’ve ever written. You can find it on Spotify.


I love Stranger Things, and obviously Hopper. Need I say more?

Google Home Pod I love the simplistic approach to product design that Google has taken. This project was a quick product sizzle, completely for fun. Everything was modeled and textured from scratch.

Bluetooth Pairing Exploration This was a quick exploration of a simplistic, app-driven bluetooth paring experience. It shows how the app, earbuds and charging station can all be interconnected. The earbuds and charging station were modeled from scratch for this exploration.

Nike Air Max 1 I am an avid sneakerhead, and the Nike Air Max 1 is one of my favorite Nike silhouettes. This was simply a passion project, showing my love for the iconic sneaker. The music is original.

Area 51

Previous Next This weekly challenge was all about “UFO”s. I made it harder on myself, making one entire scene that would be set within the TV screen, and another for the room that the TV was actually in.


Previous Next This was a unique challenge. Clint, the founder of create with clint, challenged us with recreating one of his photographs as accurately as possible in CG. This was my attempt. The first image is my render, modeled and textured from scratch. The second is his photograph that was used as reference.


The prompt for this weekly challenge was “Swamp”. This was a great project to learn more about volumetrics and the intricacies of lighting / Octane settings.