MY24 Buick Exploration

One of my first projects at Rightpoint was conceptual design exploration for a MY24 Buick EV. This upcoming vehicle has a large, curved display. One of the main goals of the project was to reinvigorate the Buick brand and how it tends to be perceived by most consumers. The imagery below was given to us […]

Rivian Configurator POC

During my time at Rivian, the company put a large emphasis on the R1T being the first Electric Adventure Vehicle (EAV). Based on this, they wanted me to explore visual direction for a web configurator that would put the vehicle in an environment where someone could have an adventure. The intent was to finalize the […]

XOS – HMI Design

Over the past year or so, I have been working with XOS Trucks, redesigning their HMI design for their delivery fleet vehicles. When I first started, there was a rudimentary cluster design in place, but the UX thinking needed some refinements, and the exec’s weren’t overly excited about the visual design direction. Below is where […]

Rivian Digital Experience During my time at Rivian, the in-vehicle experience was brand new and had just been exposed to the world a few months prior at the LA Auto Show. They had me work on this project, which was used on their website to showcase the state of their digital experience. I leveraged the CAD model […]

Rivian Autonomous Visualization While at Rivian, I worked closely with engineers to design visualization that explains the types of sensors that Rivian uses to accomplish their goals in autonomous driving.

Speedometer Exploration This is a collection of speedometer explorations that were done sprint-style. They were meant to break out of the mindset that tends to take place within client work, and instead focus on creative, thoughtful and innovative solutions to a piece of content that is sometimes placed in a box. The only real constraint of […]

Mobility POC

For a good portion of this last year, I worked with the SVP of design and head of mobility at Rightpoint on internal efforts to develop and showcase our unique perspective on the mobility space. We focused on the automotive digital experience to start. There has been such a focus the past few years on […]

GMC Sierra EV Exploration

While at Rightpoint, I had the pleasure of working on the 2024 Sierra EV program. A small group of us were asked to explore cluster designs that felt distinctly GMC, but pushed the brand further. Initially we knew that the interior design of the Sierra would be changing, but we didn’t know how. The designs […]

Ford HMI This is some conceptual design work that our company used to pitch Ford. We had a few different designers on the project as whole, but I created everything you see here…framework, design and motion. We created a project brief that was meant to take Ford’s existing design language and bring it to it’s next […]